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Patient Freeze-Dried Process

Oma’s Pride chose to use a cold water High Press Processing for their freeze-drying / dehydrating process for its many health benefits and preserving all the nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed in other types of dehydrating / freeze-drying processes.

There are basically two types of High Pressure Processing to freeze-dry / dehydrate foods, Cold Water HPP and Thermal HPP. The extremely high temperatures used in Thermal HPP destroys enzymes in raw food but, research as proven that by processing under colder temperatures there is little to no effect on the food's naturally occurring enzymes. Food enzymes are very resistant to pressure and require extremely high pressure beyond what is used in cold water HPP for their inactivation.

In conclusion, cold water HPP preserves the beneficial enzymes, leaving them untouched and destroys the dangerous pathogens. This is the reason Oma's Pride only uses cold water HPP instead of thermal HPP.


The many benefits to raw pet foods that utilize cold water HPP processing:

- Pets suffering from a compromised immune system or undergoing chemotherapy can now benefit from raw diets with the absence of pathogens, making is safer for them.

- Beneficial to animals with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

- Great for families with small children concerned about pathogens found in raw foods. - Food will last longer under refrigeration with the lack of pathogens.

- Without the presence of pathogens, veterinarians may be less resistant to raw feeding.







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