TCfeline Special Formula
for Raw or Cooked Cat Food

Forumlated for cats requiring a low protein and/or a low phosphorus diet. FOR RAW OR COOKED MEAT

For samples, please reach out to us using the contact page.

IMPORTANT... This Special Formula is ONLY for cats in need of a low protein and/or low phosphorus diet. It is highly recommended that before placing your cat on a restricted diet such as this, to confirm with your veterinarian that its an appropriate diet.

This premix is not for senior cats unless they have a specific need for a low protein and/or low phosphorus diet.

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NEW LOOK, 43% MORE PRODUCT AND UPDATED INGREDIENTS. Now including Feline Future B Complex (see ingredients list in details) THIS PREMIX IS NOT FOR EVERY CAT IN NEED OF A SPECIAL DIET. THEY MUST NEED A LOW PROTEIN AND/OR A LOW PHOSPHORUS DIET. The Total Cat Store suggests that anytime a restricted diet is considered for felines, it should be under the advisement of a veterinarian professional.

A Premix to make a LOW Phosphorus or LOW Protein and Phosphorus Homemade Raw Cat Food Diet, as often utilized for cats suffering from problems associated with kidney disease. Formula may also be helpful with constipation issues. For ADULT cats with reduced phosphorus or reduced protein and phosphorus special dietary needs. Recipes included. Package 14.10 oz (400g) makes approximately 180-280 day supply, depending on which recipe is used.. IMPORTANT - This formula is NOT for kittens, cats under 18 months or pregnant / lactating cats. LEARN MORE >>>


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