Shipping and Returns

Shipping Rates

Rates are based on the total cost of the product ordered.

Total cost of product order is $5.99 or under - No cost for Shipping

Total cost of product order is $6.00 to $53.00 - Shipping is $8:10

Total cost of product order is $53.01 to $299.00 - Shipping is $14.50

Total cost of product order is $299.00 or above - Call for quote on shipping cost or we will contact you via email once your order is placed.


The online store enables you to purchase products which will ship from our warehouse in Pennsylvania. We only ship within the Continential U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. We cannot and do not ship to Australia, Asia, the E.U., Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, or anywhere else for that matter.


Delivery Responsiblity of the Buyer / Customer
The buyer / customer is responsible to provide the following.
- A correct and USPS deliverable address with the order within the PayPal site. We are unable to correct any address. If an address is incorrect, the order will be refunded in full and not processed.
- A delivery location that is secure, safe from theft or other and protected from the elements, weather and any other aspect that would negatively affect the package and its contents. If an item is stolen or damaged due to weather or elements, The Total Cat Store is not responsible for the order, shipment. replacement or to file a claim with the carrier, therefore will not provide refunds for such issues. The customer can make a claim with the carrier if they so chose to.


Shipping/Order Issues

Incorrect Address: Any order placed with an incorrect address, undeliverable address or delivered to the wrong person due to the address provided in the order, the customer is responsible for the entire cost of the order and any additional cost and fees to re-deliver the order or correct the issue for the product to arrive at the correct address.

Any incorrect address supplied with an order can not be corrected. Customers should notify us immediately and the order will be refunded in full if order has not been shipped. Customers can then chose to reorder if they so desire.

Product and/or Packaging Arrives Damaged: If an item arrives to the consumer/customer damaged and/or defective, we require photos to be sent showing all the damage of product, all packaging, close up of label including tracking number, and anything else involved within 2 business days of delivery of the item. Depending on the situation, the shipping claim will be submitted to the carrier by either The Total Cat Store or the customer. This decision as to who will sumbit the claim will be solely up to the The total cat store. Require by customer; You must keep the following until all claims with USPS or other carrier are resolved, this is usually approx 90 days: all product included in order (product should be kept within the orginal packaging that it arrived in), original packaging, package padding (ie bubble wrap, air packaging)and any other materials included. This is required in the event USPS requires an inspection of the damaged items and/or packaging or for other reasons per USPS or other carrier for proof. USPS may require the customer take all product and packaging to their local post office for inspection. If this is necessary, a letter from the post office may be sent to you and The Total Cat will also reach out to you. Do not throw any packaging or products away as it must remain together until the issues has been resolved with the carrier or other. It may be required for the customer to send all packaging and its contents back to The Total Cat Store. If the packaging and pictures are not available, it may not be possible to assist with the problem.

Shipments Lost or Stolen: Any shipment that has been lost, miss placed, delivered to the wrong address, or for what ever reason, not made it to its correct destination by the usps post office, must be reported to us within 2 wks from the time the order has been shipped from our facility. All lost shipments will be handled through a USPS claim the customer will need to submit. We will supply the necessary infomation to the customer for the claim. The Total Cat Store is not responsible for any refunds or reshipments due to this type of issue.

Other Shipment or Order Issues: Any other shipment or order issues, regardless of what it is, we require photos to be sent showing the issue, a written statement including all details emailed within 2 business days of delivery of the item. You must keep all products included in order kept within original packaging, original packaging, package padding (ie bubble wrap, air packaging) and any other materials used until issues has been resolved (this is usually approx 90 days), in the event of a carrier inspection for damaged items or boxes or for other reasons of proof. Do not throw any packaging or products away as it must remain together until issue has been resolved with the carrier or other. If the packaging and pictures are not available, it may not be possible to assist with the problem. The requirements for "Product Arrives Damaged" applies to this situation as well.

Any shipment stolen once delivered by usps or what ever carrier is utilized is not the responsibility of The Total Cat Store and no refunds will be provided. Its the customers responsibility to provide a safe and secure location for the carrier to leave packages.

NOTE: Any fraudulent claims will be report to USPS directly.


ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED WITHIN 72 HRS M-F or earlier via USPS Priority Mail w/ few exceptions (ie available inventory, usps delays or other unforeseen issues) There is NO LOCAL PICKUP available, no exceptions.

*Note: All orders are shipped out from our facility as long as the item is in stock and the all funds have been received for the entire order. In most cases, funds are received immediately if payment is via credit card or paypal.

Most all of the raw meat pre-mix supplement products are made in the U.S.A. with a few exceptions, for residents of the U.S.A.


Returns and Refunds

Any pet food, supplements, vitamins, remedies, and all items that are ingested, consumed or eaten sold from our online store is a FINAL SALE, once it leaves our facility, due to quality control. Please notify us immediately (withn 48 hrs) upon receipt if your order arrives damaged or incorrect. Issues regarding damage due to shipping will be handled by the carrier. Contact us at if you experience any such problems. We can not accept food returns or exchanges for any reason, so please be sure you want the item without question. This will include any shipments that are refused by the consumer and sent back to us. The consumer will be held liable for payment of the entire purchase on all shipments that are refused and returned, for we can not except the product back for a refund or exchange due to quality control. Any other issues with a shipment or order must be addressed within 48 hrs of your shipment being delivered.


Returning non food items can only be accepted if an RMA number is provided and if they are in new, unused condition and unopened. Any damaged or defected items will be covered by the manufacturer. If a situation should arise, contact us at for farther instructions and for the reason for returning.


All cat trees, furniture and accessories returns or issues will be made through the manufacturer by the consumer.

All items with a "Disounted Sale Price" and/or marked as "On Sale" are a final sale item. No returns will be provided for such items.


Thank You for considering The Total Cat Store in making your pet purchases.


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