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Raw Meat dIET iNFORMATION by Dr. Pierson
A resourceful site on feeding our Felines a raw diet. Written by Dr. Lisa A. Peirson. The site covers all aspects of feeding the raw diet from beginers to the experience, how to handle raw meat, how to make, dental and health issues relating and so much more. This is a site everyone should consider just reading. PLEASE NOTE: the recipes included on this site are for those who want to create the raw diet from scratch. Our premix simplifies the process by replacing all the ingredients except the meat.


PERSONAL CONSULTING for a Personalize Raw Diet BY DR. Lisa A. PEIRSON of

Dr. Peison's site goes into alot of detail on preparing a raw diet but their are times our feline companions need individual and special attention. Dr. Peirson offers Personal Consulting on making a raw diet to fit your felines needs. Link: or contact her via email at: NOTE: All medical and nutritional consutling is done VIA PHONE ONLY, not email, and MEDICAL RECORDS IF PERTINENT TO THE CASE ARE REQUIRED BEFORE HAND for reveiw. also known as by Founder
A resource dedicated to promoting awareness of the issues involved in feline nutrition and health, with an emphasis on species-appropriate raw feeding for cats. They educate people on the techniques, benefits and issues involved in raw feeding for cats. They provide a vast amount of information in regards to raw feeding and your felines health.
A resource with a variety of information to benefit our felines by Tracy Dion. Her Mission is to advance feline health and well-being through the education of cat lovers, owners and caretakers in feline nutrition, behavior and general care, with a strong emphasis on the importance and logistics of feeding a species-appropriate raw diet. w/ Natascha Willie

The website of the Founder of TCfeline Premix, Natashia Willie of Canada. Her site provides a wealth of knowledge on raw feeding and every aspects involved in raw feeding. This is a great resource for the beginner to the advance feline raw feeder. With her years of experience and feeding trials, she provides a knowledge not available by others. "Helping feed pets naturally"

A manufacturer and distributer of high quality pet food pre-mix supplements to make wholesome, balanced, homemade raw food for your pets in the U.S. market. Started by Jim Dagata in 2002, to supply specialty pet supply stores and veterinary clinics with frozen raw pet foods as a healthy alternative to kibble. Their goal is to help you feed your furry family members in the healthiest, most natural and biologically appropriate way that we can.

A website by Liz Eastwood that provides practical strategies for healthy care and feeding for the average cat own on a budget, including a section on feeding cats raw food and making a homemade cat food diet. Also available on the site are several ebooks on cat’s health by Liz Eastwood, writer and holistic nutritionist. with Dr. Becker

A source for a wealth of information on feeding a raw diet and holistic care by Dr. Karen Becker. Providing great articles of detail and explanination from a vets point of view and experience with videos of Dr. Becker speaking to you as well. She answer alot of the questions many of us have about feeding a raw diet, from the benefits to precautions to the false statement or rumors about feeding raw that scare many from trying it. Listen to her videos and you will hear and see her conviction, honesty and knowledge that will put you at ease.



Raw Meat Sources
This store comes reccomended by Dr. Lisa A. Peirson, DVM of, a great source of information on Raw Feeding. Hare-Today offers a varity of meats that come ground and non-ground, rabbit, bison, duck, lamb, turkey, venison, and pork. YOU MUST BE SURE TO BUY THE BONES LESS ITEMS to use with our premix AND THOSE MEATS INCLUDING ORGANS CAN ONLY BE USED WITH OUR ORIGINAL FORMULA.
This store comes reccomended by Dr. Lisa A. Peirson, DVM of, a great source of information on Raw Feeding. Hare-Today offers ground rabbit meat mixture that includes the bone, meat, head, and organs – heart liver, lungs and kidneys. No hormones, medications, or dyes in their food. The rabbits also get good grass hay and oatmeal.



Feline Health Sources

IWillHelpYourCat,com - An Online Veterinary Offering Help for Kitties
This site is by Dr. Kristopher C (Dr. Kris) whom has a website with health information for our felines. He as a blog, an Q and A section, youtube videos and more. You can reach out to him via email with questions. He is very passionate and compassionate and shares our love for cats. I think you will find him a great source when your kitty is dealing with a health issue to answer some questions and give insight on situations.


This is a very information and reliable site that covers many topics for our Feline companions. It is a great resource to help work on issues or improve upon what you already are doing. Topics include heatlh, diet, behavior, and mental well being. I highly recommend to all Feline owners to take a look at the site. You won't be disappointed.

Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease. This was the BEST RESOURCE I found for chronic Renal Disease or Failure (CRD&CRF) I still refer to it this day. They have such a complete library of information, I personally found it incredible. I was thankful there was a source providing the info.
Cornell University in PA has a great website that offers info and videos on many illness and preventive measure.
They are a great source for conventional information on issue and Illnesses. They also have a newsletter you can sign up for
A great source of information on many feline illness and alternative solutions.

Is a great resource that provides educational informoration to cat guardians through a blog, free e-newsletter, and over 100 articles on holistic feline health, behavior, and nutrition.

A site dedicated to feline constipation issues providing info on reasons why and and suggestions on how to remedy.



Veterinarians - Homeopathic / Natural Pet Care LLC
Dr. Adriana Sangrera, DVM, is a licensed veterinarian, both in traditional and homeopathic veterinary medicine. She treats animals with homeopathic medications, Chinese herbal remedies, suppliements, nutrition and some traditional medicines. She offers phone consults if you are not local. Dr. Sangrera has worked wonders and done a AMAZING JOB for our felines Chronic Constipation and other serious health issues. I personally use and is ONE OF THE BEST Homeopathy vets and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND to anyone with any pet, not just cats.
Dr. Jeff Levy, a homeopathy veterinian that I also personally use and did a GREAT JOB. He is very patient and great at understanding your companions needs and can assist with all animals, not just cats, with remedies specifid to their issues.
Dr. Andrea Tasi, A homeopathy veterinian that is FANTASTIC WITH CATS. She specialized in cats only and HIGHLY RECCOMEND. She not only practices homeopathic, but speicalized in nutrition and behavior.
Dr. , A homeopathy veterinarian that I personally use and she is great.
Is a nutritionist who works for VCA Animal Hospital in Ca. She has given us great advise that we still practice today.

Source for Alternative Vets - Homeopathy & Holistic




Susan McIntosh M.Ac, L.Ac.
1421 Main Street, Hampstead, MD 21074
443 413-5425 Email
She is a very talented and great accupuncturist. She works on animals and humans. I personally use her as well as my family and she give us results. I highly reccomend.



Cat Rescues and other
Feline Organizations





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