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Making a transition toward better, Better and More Better food!

Thank you,Sam!   Looking very forward to receiving your product and  learning about this process and making a transition toward better, Better and More Better food for our 2 kitty boys (approaching 14 years).  It’s certainly about time that I do this!   I found you folks in a circuitous way…..did a search for making raw cat food and found site, Feline Nutrition Foundation, then nosing around this good site I found several choices for a supplier of a “ready mix” supplements – I’d shy-ed away from gathering all those separate pieces, quite daunting……but settled on your site mostly by instinct I’d say….I am such a novice that I couldn’t make any kind of experienced choice.   I could say that I got the best vibes from your site, your mission, our explanations, your products available and how to use……maybe the kitties were purring in my ear, who knows?  

I’ll most certainly take you up on your kind offer to check back in with any questions…THANKS!    Seems funny that something Nature took care of in yesteryear—the feeding of cats by the reduction of small rodents – has turned into a major transnational corporate establishment issue – with many high costs, some of the costs hidden (ie: additives).  


- Anne H. w/ Butterscotch and Silverkitty



New Kittens New Start

After losing our two 14 year old Maine Coons last year, we found a Maine Coon breeder in Wisconsin and we waited impatiently during pregnancy, birth and then 12 more weeks. During this time the breeder introduced me to raw feeding. She has fed her breeding cats and kittens raw for her 20 years in the business, preparing 10 pounds of food/day. It all sounded overwhelming to me, but I was willing to try it, as the benefits Impressed me. When we went to pick up our beautiful, adorable kittens, Deb provided a carrier and a package of TCFeline Premix. So I now order the Premix and prepare 10 pounds of chicken breasts, egg yolks and Premix about every 10 days, freezing in small batches. Actually it’s easy, the kittens (now 4 months old) love it and meow loudly until they are fed. I feel I’m doing the right thing for our new girls, Cleo and Cassy.

- Susan J.



Healthy Happy Kitties!

My oldest ginger boy, Solomon, had teeth issues for some time and had to have some removed. He also had urinary issues in the past. My other ginger boy, Tasuki, was starting to develop tooth problems and he had had constipation issues in the past. We just adopted a failed foster, Theo, and wanted to start him out on something that would prevent any tooth issues. Prior to switching to raw, we had been feeding Wellness, which was a lot better than most foods out there, but wasn't helping with their teeth. I researched and talked to a good friend online who was using your TCF powder and had great success with some of her cats abscessed teeth getting better! After some research, we started feeding raw chicken with your powder and even got a really good meat grinder to do that part ourselves too. It is amazing the improvement in my two older cats! (I don't notice much with the younger one since he's still young haha). Solomon no longer has trouble eating, and he doesn't chew on things like he used to. He has so much energy and seems like a kitten again, despite being 12. Tasuki has possibly changed the most! He used to hide a lot when company was over, or any sounds occurred at all that bothered him. He also used to sleep most of the time and not want our attention as often. Now he jumps up on the counter and rolls and rolls and meows and purrs and wants love and play all the time. He also doesn't seem as bothered by thunder or company. He's gotten slimmer and very healthy and his fur is amazing!!! I'm so so happy that my three sweet boys are doing well and I look forward to seeing if the raw diet prevents Theo from ever getting any tooth problems. Thank you so very much for making this wonderful product! I also think it's great that you are also in PA!!! I plan to be a customer for life! Thank you!!

- Laurie & Derek A.




Satisfied Cat

My name is TC and my mom switched my diet to TCfeline raw diet premix with raw chicken. I was very ill as a baby and somebody left me by my mom's waterfall. I fit in her hand when she found me and I didn't know how to drink or eat and had lost my voice crying for help. I was never able to gain weight. However I love this new diet and have gained weight enough to cover my bones. I'm so happy and content now in my new home! Thank you Total Cat Store

- Patricia M.



Bowel movement Issue Resolved and Acting Like a Kitten!

Good Morning Sam, I had written you before with general questions which you answered perfectly. I just want to let you know how thrilled I am with your product. My furry one (Bumbi) is a rescue (Ragdoll) who has had loose (very) stools from day one. I have tried everything to no avail. I started Bumbi on a raw diet and have purchased your raw diet premix (the one with everything in it).  You would have died laughing seeing me scurry to the litter box (daily) to check on Bumbi's stool for good news. Almost immediately, there were no HUGE wet globs so I thought for sure something must be stuck in there. It took maybe two days for Bumbi to pass a perfect, tiny, solid, tubular stool. Needless to say, his stool is absolutely perfect and Bumbi is acting like a kitten, running, jumping and terrorizing my 130 pound German Shepherd.  Needless to say, I am doing my HAPPY DANCE and thank you every so much!!!!!

- Tiiu P.




Loving the TCFeline Premix

My 3 kitties; ages 19, 15 and 2 all love the Freeze Dried Chicken Treats. They can't wait for me to open the bag.
They are thriving on a raw meat diet that includes the premix you make also.

- Ann P.




TCFeline Premix Raw Diet Improved Coat and Stopped Vomiting

Hello! Just wanted to say a big thank you from me and my two cats, Phil and Nana! We discovered Total Cat Store and the awesome TCfeline product last year, and it's made a huge difference. Phil was overweight with stiff and straw-like fur, while Nana vomited up everything she ate. The TCfeline powder/raw diet has transformed my cats. Phil is super soft and has lost some weight, while Nana is able to keep down her meals. I can't thank you enough for sticking this product and for all of the useful information found via your site. This is definitely going to be a life-long purchase. Thanks again! Mandee, Phil, and Nana

- Mandee C.








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