Our Mission

To inform feline owners of the benefits of feeding a raw cat food diet and whole body care through a natural
and holistic means to improve and support their feline’s physical and emotional well being.




Our Goal

Provide a reliable source for raw cat food diets and whole body care that you, the consumer, can trust that each product was chosen for our store only after a thorough review to meet our stringent standards and a comparison of all other similar products to assure it’s the best choice on the market to meet your feline’s health needs.
Click here for a list of our guidelines and standards.




Our Promise

To research each and every product to assure we offer quality not quantity. Each item available through our store is thoroughly reviewed, compare with the other competing products, and meets our stringent standards to bring you only the best product in the market for its kind that meets our felines and canines health needs.




Our Hope

“Helping People Help Animals” Campaigns
To encourage and inspire EVERYONE to be compassionate to all living creatures, big and small, and to those animals in need and less fortunate. For those whom have the opportunity to share your life with a pet companion, to be a responsible pet owner. Remember, we choose them to be apart of our lives.




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We would love to hear from you about our cat store and items to
add to our store, animal rescues to go on our list to receive donations,
and any comments or suggestions (good or bad) about your experience with us.
Thank you for considering The Total Cat Store for your purchase,
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Our Inspiration for
Starting the Store

Natural and Organic Cat Food and Supplies

Snowflake (our star for the Store)


The inspiration for our store... Snowflake.

Our Journey... thru all the years I have used conventional and alternative medicine with all my pets. I am a believer that both types have a place in our lives. Thanks to my Mom who is a retired nutritionist, she and my dad and sister practice a regiment of organic and whole food as well as homeopathy and alternative medicine, with a mix of conventional medicine.


Well in 2007-2008, snowflake had a few issues discovered during a yearly senior exam. Kidney stones and crystals. It was found after surgery, that he was dealing with Calcium Oxalate and therefore we made the appropriate changes in his commercial diet and life style. Then within 6 months, we found his kidney values were rising to a point of concern. Some say CRF others say CRD, it depends who you talk to. But I was not going to give up that easily. I started researching about the natural diet for felines (raw) and alternative options for his CRD to regain control on his health and to prevent any further decline. Well after switching to a RAW diet and homeopathy treatments, his last blood work on 7/2010 showed the kidneys were stable and slightly improved. That news made us very happy and showed us that we were on the right path of care. The one issue I found with making such changes and research, was finding a good source for food and other supplies that were organic, natural, alternative or holistic in one location and with out weeding thru all the other items that did not fall in that category. So that is our inspiration to start this store. We are new to the industry and have many ideas for our store and hope to grow and provide access to even more products.




Our Family Journey
and Companions

First need to thank my husband, Scott, for all his support and for all he does to make this possible. He plays an intregate part in the store and all other aspects of my life. He is truely my partner in life, for life. He is such a compasionate and loving man that all our companions and animals that we are involved with seem to connect with in a very trusting way. They quickly place a trust in him for their saftey and well being. He is just amazing.


I've been an avid pet owner my entire life, which now is over 40's years. I had parents who encourage me to care and respect life and health of all living creatures as they did this by example. I am an owner who shares the life with my companions for their entire life. Once an animal has become part of my family, this is their final and forever home. And I share and love every stage of their life with them from beginning to end, with the good and the bad.


I have never been without a cat since a small child, as well as many other companions. They each shared their lives with such unconditional love, each enriching our lives with such joy and a special meaning and value, thats irreplaceable. Their love and companionship taught me so much about life and its true meaning. I am thankful for all those I have had the honor to share my journey of life with. Let us introduce you to a few...





Snowflake, Our inspiration for this store who loves the sun




Snowflake, enjoying the sun while watching the birds outside.



Felix, our newest campion, left behind by a family moving away.




Felix, getting into trouble as usual. He keeps thing lively.




Organic Cat Food

Mocha (light one) and Cocoa being nosey as usually,
staring at the neighbors




Natural Cat Food and Supplies

Mocha giving us a big smile. He's such a show off.




Raw Cat Food

Cocoa rolling but keeping an eye on us at the same time.




Organic Cat Food and Supplies

Jimmy (left, whom has unfortunately crossed the bridge to the other side)
and Izzabella, (right, who is adjusting to being by herself)



We are also home for many wild critters whom take refuge at our place. Natural habitates and shelters are

placed through out to provide assistance when needed and aid to those nesting and/or bearing young.

Here's a few shots. Hope you enjoy as much as we do.


Its not uncommon that everyday we are visited by our local turkey vultures whom take advantage our fencing.
Todays sunbathing event interested approx 23.


And the sunbathing continues.


And continues.


A few young from one of our many boxes, testing out their flying abilities while we were mowing.


A young one finding our fences a good resting place while the parents forage for food.


Littles ones just a few days old.



The toad house occupied.


Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes.


Never suprised by the vibrate colors nature suplies.



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