Organic Catnip and
All Natural Cat Toys

All natural and holistic healthy toys and catnip for a happy cats.
Providing entertainment is an important step to overall health and prevention of bad habits.

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Cat Toys and Catnip Gift Set by From The Field - Including refillable catnip mice, corkball/feather toy, organic catnip mix and essential oil. All items all natural and safe! Deluxe Gift Set LEARN MORE >>>


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*Note: All orders are shipped out the next day (except Sundays) from our facility as long as the item is in stock and the all funds have been received for the entire order. In most cases, funds are received immediately if payment is via credit card or paypal.



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Stories and shared expereinces by Feline Parents on Raw Cat Food Products & how Raw Cat Food has improved their kitties life & health.

TCfeline Premix and
Raw Cat Food

Opaws Chicken Treats

TCfeline Special Formula

Not sure about feeding raw or concerned about...

How to Prepare

A video by the Creator of TCfeline shows you how easy it can be.

Salmonella and Parasites

with feeding a raw meat,
watch this video for answers.


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National Feral Cat Day Alley Cat Allies

- As owner of The Total Cat Store I only recommend products of quality, that I have researched personally and use myself, if applicable. I've been a Go Pet Plan client for over 4 yrs and choose GPP, after reviewing many, for their policy on cost, pre-existing conditions, coverage and re-imbursement. READ MORE.