About From the Field
Manufacturer of Cat Toys
and Catnip

About the Company:

- “From the Field” is a company inspired by the concept of “Protecting the Planet”. Their product was developed and evolves around this concept, from the materials chosen to use and their effects on our environment to the health benefits to our precious felines.

- This adorable and meaningful line of products uses materials that provide hope against the deforestation and raging pollution that we are now experiencing.

- They strongly believe in creating products that are bio-degradable, pet safe, pet friendly and pet smart.

- This is a company that cares about the environment, its carbon footprint, and all its living creates and the proof is in their product.

- All the product is made in the USA in Washington State.


About their Product:

- Providing cat toys and cat nip that are all completely all natural, organic, high quality safe products your kitty will love. Using materials that meet their concept such as organic and natural hemp fabric and fresh organic catnip.
All sourced and made in the USA.

- Their toys include mice, hemp rolls and other kitty friendly shapes made of organic hemp fabric thats dyed with vegetable coloring (so safe for kitties to lick) and filled with organic catnip to cork balls w/ feathers and knotted hemp rope toys and many other creative toys.

- Their catnip is grown and made local in Washington State and is available in multiple combinations: catnip buds, catnip leaf and flowers, catnip stalkless, catnip pellets, catnip buds shake, catnip essential oil and grown your own catnip plant kit. As an alternative to catnip, they offer such varieties as an herbal blend with valerian root and silver vine.

- Hemp was chosen to make their product due to its strong and durable nature, biodegradable and antimicrobial properties. Being a renewable source, Hemp fiber is an earth friendly replacement for cotton, paper and other synthetic materials. Hemp seed oil is a cost effect food and clean energy source as well.

- The catnip is fresh and Organic. The catnip farms are local in Washington State (lowering our carbon footprint). They offer multiple types of catnip from just the leaf to flower and stems to stemless. For those kitties who need an alternative to catnip, they also offer variations with Valerian Root and Silver Vine.






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