Why Choose TCfeline Raw Premix for cats?

It is a quick and simple solution to preparing a balanced raw meal with the
nutritional essentials, just add water and meat, then mix.*

An affordable option to providing a raw meal.

Multiple flavors to choose from: Beef, Chicken and Original.

For convenience, 2 formulas come with the liver included.

Proven and backed by a on-going study of feline nutrition since 1995 (25+ years)
and an on-going feed trial since 1998 (22+yrs).

Palatable for felines.

Veterinarian recommended and/or utilized.

*Original formula requires liver to be added.



Nutritional Value and Philosophy...

TCfeline Premix is formulated to mimic that of the feline’s, an obligated carivore, natural staple diet… THE MOUSE! The premix provides a complete and nutritionally balanced natural RAW diet for all felines of all ages, containing the essential, natural, and bio-available nutrients. The only ingredients included are those to meet the nutritional needs of a feline, an obligated carnivore. Though it is tempting to add items that we find healthy for ourselves, those items do NOT meet the nutritional needs of our felines and some have a negative impact on their health. So ingredients such as grains and fruits are not appropriate and not included.



Research and a Proven Formula…

Developed by Natashia Willie of Canada, founder of TCfeline Premix. (http://tcfeline.com/cat-food-premix/)

Based on Natashia’s 25+ years of knowledge and research regarding feline nutrition, combined with a 22 year feed trial, TCfeline Premix is one of the most balanced and established premixes on the market. A time tested and proven formula that’s been sold to households around the world since 1988.


The 17 year running feed trial may possible be one of the longest of its kind for a cat food supplement. With the data she collected and analyzed, Natashia’s knowledge brings a wealth of information regarding what constitutes a balanced raw diet and the benefits for our felines. Click here for more information on “The Benefits of a Raw Diet”.



Trusted and Utilized by those in the Veterinarian Field:

This formula is recommended and/or utilized by multiple veterinarians such as…
- Dr. Lisa A. Peirson, DVM, (http://www.catinfo.org/?link=makingcatfood)
- Dr. Michael Fox, DVM (http://drfoxvet.com/info/Finding-Right-Dog-Cat-Food)
- Dr. Andrea Tasi, VMD (http://feline-nutrition.org/health/a-vets-view-andrea-tasi-vmd?start=1)
- Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital of Columbus, NC**
- Holistic Pet Veterinary Clini of Tigard, OR**
- Kapa'au Veterinary Center of Kapa’au, HI**
- Kilani Pet Clinic of Wahiawa, HI**
- Seattle Natural Veterinary Center of Seattle, WA**
- Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic of Asheville, NC**
-  The Cat Health Clinic of Pinehurst, NC**
** Sources listed at http://www.knowbonespetsupply.com/U.S.html


Our Personal Reason:

This product was the reason for starting “The Total Cat Store”. After much research we choose TCFeline Premix for a raw diet because it’s proven succuss. We have used this product for over 5 years and found such amazing health benefits for our felines. We believe the raw diet with TCfeline Premix is the reason our Snowflake’s renal insufficiency is under control and is now living a healthier life along side all are other thriving feline companions.



The Ingredients:

- All natural
- Does not include any preservatives, colors, chemicals or artificial additives.
- All human and pharmaceutical grade.
- Supplied by human food sources only.
- Each carefully selected for nutritional value.
- Tested and verified by a third party for purity and safety.
- Certificates and lab reports required for each by sources.



The Manufacturing:

- Always made fresh with an expiration date to assure potency.
- Made only in small batches with the greatest of care in precision measured, blended, sifted ingredients.
- Hand made and hand package by owners of Know Bones Pet Supply.
- The US facility follows a stringent & rigorous cleaning protocol and guarantees a spotless manufacturing location.





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