About Oma's Pride
Manufacturer of o'Paws

About the Company:

- Oma’s Pride is the high quality USA manufacturer of all O’Paws products. A product line including all natural, pure, human grade, US made and sourced freeze-dried raw treats of single proteins of organs and lean meats from chicken, turkey, beef and other sources.

- A family owned and operated company of over 4 generations built upon their grandmother Margaret “Oma” Miller and her sense of pride.

- With Omas pride passion for animal wellness, they partnered with animal nutritionist and veterinarians to formalize decades old family recipes for pets everywhere. They continue to focus on helping pets live a long live through simple carnivore diets of raw food, as nature intended it.

- Oma’s Pride makes it a priority to educate those invested in the well-being about feeding raw and the benefits of a raw diet.

About their Product:

- All Oma’s Prides raw cat and dog treat and topper products, including O’Paws, is designed as an animals diet should be “as nature intended”, replicating what cats and dogs have eaten for thousands of years. They are dedicated to providing cats and dogs with a truly all-natural, raw diet that they were meant to enjoy.

- All of their ingredients are species specific to what they would find in the wild (and nothing more) to ensure they are provided with the proper nutrition to live long, healthy, happy lives.

- Bones, raw meat, organs and nothing more are the ingredients.

- All ingredients are 100% natural. What you see is what you get. NO preservatives, additives, harmful fillers, by-products, grains, corn, soy, sugar, or ingredients you can't pronounce.

- All products are made in the USA in a USDA inspected facility

- All ingredients are sourced from within the USA from local farmers whom they have a relationship of trust.

- All the products are produced in a rigorous quality-controlled inspected USA facility to provide the highest quality raw pet food in the industry. A HACCP program is in place while also adhering to USDA inspections.





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