Freeze-Dried / Dehydrated Turkey Heart Treats by O'Paws / Oma's Pride - 4 oz


- A freeze-dried / dehydrated raw turkey heart treats for cats and dogs

- Great for treats, snacking, training tool, food sprinkle and enhancer to encourage eating and introducing to new foods

- A healthy alternative to keep true to a raw diet verses traditional pet treats

- Convenient for every day use, on the go and traveling

- No need to refrigerate




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Key Benefits and Features:

- Species appropriate treat for cats and dogs

- Single ingredient treat

- Great lean protein source

- Great source for High fatty acids, Vitamin A and B, Iron, and Taurine

- Freeze-dried utilizing a patented technology that retains all the nutritents and enzymes found in the product when its in its fresh raw form prior to the process and destroys all dangerous pathogens. Read more about the process>>>

- Appropraite for pets with compromised immune function due to all pathogens destroyed during the patented freeze-dried process

- Freshly made

- 100% All natural ingredients

- 100% human grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients

- All ingredients sourced from within the USA

- No by-products

- Grain Free: No corn, No wheat, No soy

- Gluten Free

- No sugars

- No artificial additives

- No artificial colors or flavors

- No artificial preservatives, fillers or chemicals

- No GMO (GMO Free)

- A cruelty free product

- All product from The Total Cat Store is stored in a
temperature and environment controlled facility.


Health Benefits of a Raw Treats*

(aids in prevention and maintenance)

- Promotes overall wellness and health

- Diabetes

- Food Allergies

- Digestion Health

- Urinary health

- Kidney Health

- Dental health

- Bowel Health

- Weight Management / Obesity

- Coat and skin health

- Energy levels

* References -,,,


Life Stages:

All Life Stages (Kittens/Puppies to Adult and Senior Cats and Dogs)


Country of Origin:

Made in the USA


Approx # of Serving Per Package:

Does not apply


Suggested Feeding Instructions:

None. NOTE: This is not to be used as a complete meal or meal replacement, only as a treat or supplement.


Preparation Instructions:

None. Can feed whole or break into smaller pieces.



- No refrigeration necessary. Suggest in a cool, dark and dry location.



hand-slided turkey hearts


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) - 81%
Crude Fat (min) - 8%
Crude Fiber (max) - 1%
Moisture (max) - 7%




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