2 TCfeline items total per order
(ie 2 large or 2 small or 1 large 1 small)

There are no limits on any other products at this time.

This policy is temporary and applies to all orders until farther notice. The policy applies to any order recieved after 9/19/23 at 1:00pm and thereafter. Any order placed with more than the allowed quantities will be refunded for the quantities exceeding the limitations and shipped, without notice to customer.

Due to the Supply Chain Issue creating an ingredient shortage, we are limiting any order to the following listed ABOVE. If you need an exception to this temporary policy, please email us per the contact form. Each request will be reviewed on an individual bases to possible consider an order that is exceeding the limits set forth. DO NOT CALL. YOU MUST EMAIL. Please bear with us during this unusual time. We are trying to assure everyone has product to last them thru this period.
We applogized in advance for any inconvenience.


The Cat Store for Raw Cat Food Diets and
Whole Body Care through a Natural and Holistic Means.


Raw Cat Food Premix Supplements for Homemade Raw Cat Food Diets
Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Foods | Freeze-Dried Raw Cat and Dog Treats

ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED WITHIN 72 HRS M-F or earlier via USPS Priority Mail *
w/ few exceptions (ie available inventory, usps delays or other unforeseen issues)
There is NO LOCAL PICKUP available, no exceptions.

We highly recommend ordering premixes well in advance in case of any unforeseen delays with delivery.
We also don't recommend buying your meat prior to receiving your product.

NOTICE: Any damaged, lost or stolen shipments/packages will be handled through a USPS claim
that the customer will need to submit. We will provide the necessary information for that process.
Please refer to our returns and Shipping Policy Page here >>>



Raw Cat Food
Premix Supplement
Raw or Cooked Meat
Make Your Own
Homemade Raw CAT Food

TCFeline with Chicken Liver

Raw Cat Food
Premix Supplement
Raw or Cooked Meat
Make Your Own
Homemade Raw CAT Food

TCfeline with Beef Liver

Raw Cat Food
Premix Supplement
Raw or Cooked Meat
Make Your Own
Homemade Raw CAT Food

TCfeline Original (must add Liver)

Raw Cat Food
Premix Supplement
Raw or Cooked Meat
Make Your Own
Homemade Raw CAT Food

EZComplete w/ Chicken Liver

Low Protein/Phosphorus
Raw Cat Food Premix
Raw or Cooked Meat
Make Your Own
Homemade Raw CAT Food

TCfeline Special Formula

Raw Food toppers
for Cats/Dogs

to Encourage Eating
Great for Transitioning,
Special Treat or Food Bordom

Freeze-Dried Food Toppers

Freeze Dried Raw
Treats for Cats/Dogs
Great for Training, Food
Springles to Encourage Eating

O'Paws Freeze-Dried Treats

Cat Toys & Catnip
Natural / Organic
Enhance Your Kitties World
with Fun and Play

Toys and Catnip Options

All Natural, Organic, and Safe Cat Toys

Made of Natural Materials:
- 2 "Shelby the Mice" with organic catnip, refillable
*Assorted Colors. Colors will vary per order.
- Oscar De La Bird (cork ball with feathers) play toy
- 1 oz of Purrfect Potent Catnip (leaf and flower)
- 1 Bottle of Catnip Essential Oil Spray (1oz / 200sprays)

*Note: All orders are shipped out the next day (except Sundays) from our facility as long as the item is in stock and the all funds have been received for the entire order. In most cases, funds are received immediately if payment is via credit card or paypal.
Other exceptions include but not limited to weather, holidays, usps closed, and rare unforseen issues. test


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TCfeline Premix and
Raw Cat Food

Opaws Chicken Treats

TCfeline Special Formula

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